Just like people, your horses can suffer from a range of neck, back, pelvic, and musculoskeletal issues. These may present as one or more of the issues below.

  • Struggling with the correct canter lead, lateral work, transitions, going disunited or bucking
  • Reluctance to jump, shortened stride, and lack of forwardness
  • Stiff and a bit awkward with a longer warm up needed
  • Sensitive to touch along his back and hind quarters
  • Clamping his tail down or holding it to one side
  • Anxious or avoidance behaviours such as napping
  • Slipping saddle or sitting rider to one side
  • Heavy in the hands or showing a head tilt
  • Uneven muscle development

Liz is qualified at masters degree level and fully insured to combine her training in these holistic therapies to help alleviate these symptoms, whether your horse is a happy hacker or a top athlete.


The difference in Jarl is so visible to those who know him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Liz to my vets and friends.

Sarah N.

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