Sarah N.

Liz understood my concerns straight away, most were obvious by the way Jarl was standing and moving, also my initial concerns about his lack of interaction. Liz explained everything in language that I understood as she went through her sessions with Jarl. Taking time to answer my questions, whilst giving Jarl 100% of her focus. The sessions gave me a different, improved and relaxed happy horse. My horse changed his stance, becoming rounded, head and neck lowered, relaxed and flabbier (no tension). My Jarl, I can now call him that, wants to be with me, wants to be touched, comes when called. The stiffness has gone from his front end, allowing his shoulder movement to swing as needed in tolt. All his gaits are much more relaxed and I am able to select them with more ease. I have already been asked by many people, who worked on Jarl? The difference in him is so visible to those who know him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Liz to my vets and friends.

Lesley S.

I am amazed at the depth of knowledge, qualifications, care, empathy and compassion Liz brings to her therapy; not only for the horses being treated but also their owners. She treated my pony Apollo who was compromised with Equine Metabolic Syndrome, bouts of low-grade laminitis, collateral ligament damage and arthritis. Liz helped give him some relief. I have since taken on a new green loan horse Pickel. Following her first massage, I saw a marked difference and relaxation, in not only her body but also her mind. She went from a reactive napping horse to one who was much calmer, more willing and forward. Liz is a fabulous practitioner, with a gentle, kind, informative and understanding approach. I don't hesitate in recommending her. Thank you, Liz. Lesley, Apollo and Pickle.

Caroline R.

Really pleased to have Liz Wenman look after our 3 Icelandic horses. She is very prompt, reliable, and very understanding with my many questions. Liz is so kind and respectful to the boys, introducing and inviting herself into their space. She's quietly efficient and it is lovely to see such wonderful relaxation from all the boys. Liz allows the horses time to process adjustments and goes at their pace, taking breaks, or allowing them to move around and adjust as needed. Our trainer remarked that they were moving freer through their backs since treatment. Huge thanks to Liz for being so fabulous with them - and me! Highly recommended, just need her to do humans too.

Christina Gomez MRCVS CertVetAcup

Liz listens and is willing to learn from everyone: owners, grooms, vets, farriers and then tries to put it all together, for the welfare of the horse. I can only admire her and wish her the best with her McTimoney equine chiropractic techniques. I think she is going to make a difference!
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