What is the Masterson Method?

Like McTimoney Animal Manipulation, the Masterson Method is named after the person who instigated the technique, Jim Masterson. Masterson Method also works with the horse’s parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system to activate the horses own innate healing. This body work concentrates on relieving tension in the horse’s atlas, withers, and pelvis as well as core muscles.

How does the Masterson Method Work?

Masterson Method treatment enables the horse to switch from its flight or fight sympathetic nervous system, to the rest and digest parasympathetic nervous system, which is necessary for the release of tension and healing to take place.

As prey animals the horse communicates mainly through body language which at times is so subtle that it can easily be missed by the untrained eye. The Masterson Method teaches the practitioners to read this body language, informing them of areas of soft tissue tension and reactivity. They are also trained to note unexpected bilateral differences and restrictions in the range of motion of many joints.

The practitioner then applies the correct level of touch and body movements necessary for the horse to release the identified tension. The level of touch and movement is so gentle that the horse has no need to brace against it. This gentle modality is described as working with the horse rather than working on the horse.

How does Masterson Method help the horse

The increased muscle tension which may have built up over a long period of time, is often seen to be released during the Masterson Method treatment. This is normally accompanied by noticeably improved posture, movement, behaviour, and ultimately performance.

To see Jim Masterson discussing the importance of The Masterson Method.

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