What is McTimoney?

Developed by the late John McTimoney animal chiropractic technique is a holistic treatment, meaning it influences the whole body and not just the region that is being treated. With the emphasis on the cause rather than symptoms. The precise, high velocity low amplitude manual adjustments are mainly used on the animal’s spine and pelvis. These chiropractic techniques are quick, pain free, non-invasive, and are readily accepted by most animals. They are designed to realign and rebalance the neuro-musculoskeletal system, whilst optimising nerve and muscle function.

What is a spinal misalignment?

A misalignment is where the vertebrae is held out of alignment of the spinal axis and the natural range of motion of the vertebra is reduced by this joint dysfunction. This in turn may reduce the space available for the nerves as they exit the vertebrae, and hence their function may be disrupted.

The spinal vertebrae allow muscle attachment and spinal movement as well as protecting the spinal cord. There are over 30 pairs of nerves exiting the spinal cord through the vertebrae, communicating with the rest of the body.

As the nervous system is responsible for the whole-body activity, this impingement may be seen in various ways, from the animal just being off or as tension in nerves, muscle, fascia, and joint discomfort. Often leading to changes in movement patterns such as restricted range of motion in the shoulders and hips, or restricted flexion and extension of one or more limbs.

These misalignments can lead to pain and poor performance and may even alter the animal’s behaviour. They do not just occur after injury or trauma but also with general wear and tear and aging.

How does McTimoney Animal manipulation work?

The McTimoney quick and gentle chiropractic adjustments do not force the animal’s body but will stimulate the horse’s parasympathetic nervous system. This encourages the animals own innate self-healing to begin by;

  • Releasing tension in the muscles holding the joint out of alignment, allowing the join to return to correct alignment and the return of full joint range of motion.
  • Releasing nerve impingement and optimise nerve function.
  • Ultimately improving comfort and performance of the musculoskeletal system, responsible for the horse’s movement.

How does McTimoney help the horse?

The improvements seen after a McTimoney animal chiropractic treatment include reduced spinal and pelvic misalignments. Resulting in increased coordination, muscle elasticity, joint range of motion, all allowing for increased stride length. Additionally, reduced stress levels and tension throughout the horse’s body may be seen in their muscle tone and head carriage, as well as the reduction of behavioural issues. Accompanied by the return to expected performance levels.

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